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The Company

Achieve-A-Patent offers a variety of professional patent services via David Prashker Esq., a Registered U.S. Patent Agent and Attorney at Law admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. David Prashker Esq. is a single practitioner and has provided a variety of different patent services to inventors since 1981. Today, David Prashker Esq. continues to offer his professional patent skills and services to innovators in many different technical fields through Achieve-A-Patent, a proprietary service company.

The Professional Services:

As part of a free initial consultation, Achieve-A-Patent will provide each inventor with at least the essential knowledge and basic information about the U.S. patent system, its basic parts and organizational workings; and will offer professional insights to the inventor about the available procedural choices, costs, and requirements for obtaining patent rights in the United States and abroad.

Achieve-A- Patent serves many different kinds of persons as clients, and the nature of its cliental has been markedly diverse over a period of many years. Many are independent innovators; others are newly created and small business; still others include a variety of established corporations and other for-profit businesses. In each instance, the services provided by Achieve-A-Patent will reflect the unique needs and particular goals of the individual client.

Achieve-A-Patent is singularly able to offer patent expertise for innovations and potentially patentable inventions across a wide and diverse range of technical areas. Merely illustrating and exemplifying the broad range and diversity of subject matters undertaken to date are: improvements in ion implantation apparatus and procedures; changes in optics and optical devices; upgrades of mechanical loading devices and assemblies; enhanced magnetic resonance imaging devices and systems; and innovations in the life and chemical sciences. Top

Other Achieve-A-Patent Services:

David Prashker, Esq. has previously and today continues to provide specialized patent services to a range of other law firms on an at-will professional consulting basis. The legal expertise of these other law firms is diverse and quite varied; and presently includes small-sized corporation and business law firms, intellectual property law firms whose technical expertise in-house does not extend to the life and chemical sciences, and general law firms and practitioners.

David Prashker Esq. also has been and continues to be a featured speaker on many occasions for a variety of different audiences. He has spoken alone or as part of a multi-person panel upon a wide range of topics that are critical to building a business around novel innovations and new products at a number of prestigious conferences throughout New England. Some of the topics on which David Prashker has publically spoken are: patent license negotiation strategies; how to attract investors and obtain financial support using patent assets; and the legal consequences of premature marketing, advertising and commercialization efforts on potential patent rights. Top

Prior Legal Experience:

From 1981 to 2010, legal services were provided as DAVID PRASHKER, P.C., a single practice law firm offering patent and trademark law services primarily to academic centers and commercial enterprises concerned with the life and chemical sciences. The range of cliental includes included a variety of different colleges and universities, medical schools and hospitals, established corporations and other for-profit businesses, newly created start-up companies and joint ventures, and independent innovators.

From 1979 to 1981, David Prashker Esq. was an associate with Weingarten, Maxham & Schurgin (today Weingarten, Schurgin, Gagnebin & Lebovici, LLP, Boston, MA 02109); and his duties include the preparation and prosecution of patent applications and involvement in patent litigation. Top

David Prashker
David Prashker, Esq.

David Prashker Esq.'s Background:

  • New England School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts, J.D. degree, magna cum laude, 1979.
  • University of Toronto, School of Medicine, Department of Experimental Immunopathology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ph.D. program in mechanisms of Forssman shock reactions, 17 credits completed 1970.
  • University of Toronto, School of Hygiene, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Research thesis in physiological effects of bacterial endotoxins. M. Sc. degree 1969.
  • Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. B.A degree in biology 1967.

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